The Onion People

Known locally as “The Onion People”, the Miller family has been farming in Myroe, on the outskirts of Limavady for several generations. Today, Milgro is the largest producer and packer of onions in Northern Ireland.

The fertile soil makes this area of reclaimed land is envied throughout Ireland for its fertile nature and stone free drainage; perfect conditions for growing tasty, delicious onions. Purpose built packaging facilities enable Milgro to effectively manage the supply chain from field to fork.

Our history

Milgro was established in response to a local press story highlighting Northern Ireland’s lack of onion producers. Following extensive fact-finding trips, Gerald Miller began trials of onions in 1989 to understand how to meet marketplace demands.

Following early success, Milgro expanded its client base and became incorporated in 2003.

Today Milgro supplies produce to all the major multiples throughout Northern Ireland 52 weeks per year. Twenty-five years on, Milgro continues to be a family run firm, with the second generation actively involved across all business operations.

In that time Milgro has firmly established its reputation as a company which yields first-rate produce. This is how it keeps one step ahead and can proudly call themselves “The Onion People”.

Whilst it strives to increase and expand its market sectors they are acutely aware of the environmental footprint of agri-businesses. Milgro is dedicated to the Countryside Management Scheme and continually strives to improve its knowledge of waste-reducing technologies. They have recently invested in sustainable energy recuperation through solar paneling.

Innovation and new product development

In response to market trends, Milgro’s latest product innovation, the crispy onion range was first introduced in 2012 in traditional tobacco flavour. The range was later expanded to incorporate a delicious fiery chilli flavour following earlier success. Recognition quickly followed as Milgro was awarded Best New Product Launch by Sainsbury’s at the Regional Supplier Conference 2013.